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Connections - badbadger - 02-23-2011

Hi All,

I have been following a tutorial regarding Ezine Atricles and have followed the steps. However, it seems i have only 1 connection and it has now been running for 128.12 minutes and counting.

I am using harvested proxies and using the lastes version of scrapbox (purchased today).

Am i doing something wrong? How can i get my connections up? I cant seem to see any settings to make sure more connections are used for this.


RE: Connections - seogawd - 02-26-2011

hey badbadger, welcome to the forums!

first off, are you trying to boost your ezine article views?

RE: Connections - s4nt0s - 03-01-2011

As far as I know, Scrapebox no longer works for boosting article views at Ezine? (correct me if I'm wrong)

RE: Connections - Refresh - 03-01-2011

(03-01-2011, 05:25 AM)s4nt0s Wrote: As far as I know, Scrapebox no longer works for boosting article views at Ezine? (correct me if I'm wrong)

You are right, i also made post about this, they caught up and changed lots of stuff lately

RE: Connections - seogawd - 03-03-2011

it's because ppl were blasting competitors articles, lol

google is currently trying to put a fix on a similar paradox

RE: Connections - Refresh - 03-04-2011

I know, but in my opinion this won't be fixed only if they change their algo a lot. It would be very easy to knock off your competitors but still if you would spam with millions of comments a site in the weight loss niche and anchor the links with porn related stuff ir anything what is in the red zone, what would happen?

I don't think search engines would love that too much

RE: Connections - seogawd - 03-05-2011

oh, sorry - i was kidding, - google did not change the algy - they just smacked a few papers around and dropped a line to matt cutt who published the scare "head fake" which was then rss'd out to griz and a shitload of other sploggers - thus we find it even here... ehhhh... they do this crap every three months...

I got 20 bucks that says this will happen again in another three months, they will slap a new name on it, something cool and catchy like "blasters" (as in sboxers and xrumers)... someone here will post a thread saying something like... "Oh Man, they de-indexed all my money sites, blah blah blah"

Rules to follow regarding Google:

1. Believe nothing you hear and half of what you think you know.
2. If in doubt, revert to rule #1
3. Always give SEOgawd "reputation" (ok, that has nothing to do with Google but gimme sum luv anyway dammit!)

RE: Connections - sajid131 - 06-05-2012

The key part of the above idea is to use the search operator intitle to ensure you know your term is in the title, and as a result you have a high likelihood of providing an on-topic comment.