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scrapebox , whoes willing to help me via teamviewer - hanna21 - 09-24-2014

i need somebody to teach me via team viewer please help i need assistant.

using the scrapbox free proxy grabber i get less ( google proxies ) and alot of anons , what good is anon then google proxies.

i need help also with leaching links and posting so my backlinks get auto approved please guys help

RE: scrapebox , whoes willing to help me via teamviewer - loopline - 09-24-2014

I hate to really just say this but it sounds like your being lazy. Ive seen posts like yours a bunch over the years. I realize that you don't actually understand how to do what you want, but your not going to find anyone that will sit down and hold your hand. We all learned by trial and error and research and reading. In fact there were no Scrapebox videos to teach much of what I teach in videos now, I had to just learn it.

Now we are happy to help on the forum and guide, you I am here every single day, and other forums too, and many others are very helpful as well, but you won't get far by asking people to give you live team viewer help. Its not really in our best interest to spend hours helping you for nothing when we can go make good money in that time.

So I guess Im just saying, as much as you want help and want to succeed, so do we and we have all worked hard to get where we are and it would get you further to be respectful of others time etc...

Now thats not a chastisement, just a word of advice. So if you have specific questions feel free to post them, but I have already answered your questions, with a load of additional info in the 100+ videos I have.

Anonymous proxies can be used for other engines besides google. If you can't find enough good proxies then you need to either find your own proxies sources, video here
and another video in the description of that video

or just buy prefiltered lists. Sometimes its better to spend a buck and let someone else do the work and work more on making money.

As for leaching links, you will probably find this video helpful