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Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox - alex - 03-11-2011

Hi Newhere

This is my first thread and it's a question/inquiry.

What private proxy is recommended for Scrapebox that is cheap but does the job. I am not doing 24/7 scraping and posting... I might not be doing scraping as I like to buy auto-approved lists, so main purpose would be posting but not heavy posting. I would prefer 500 to 2000 postings twice a week, maybe or less.

Any recommendation? I've been using public proxies with that frequency of use but not so successful. So, I would like to try private proxies, I would prefer to start with the cheapest but does the job of my usage.

Thanks in Advance...

RE: Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox - s4nt0s - 03-12-2011 offers a 20% coupon for the lifetime of their proxies for scrapebox users. You just have to enter, "scrapeboxhelp" during checkout.

Some other popular scrapebox proxies are and

RE: Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox - alex - 03-12-2011

So, would that 10-proxies enough for me, based on my first post?

RE: Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox - s4nt0s - 03-12-2011

Absolutely ... 500 - 2000 postings twice per week is really nothing at all. You could do 10x's that without a problem.

RE: Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox - alex - 03-13-2011


I just purchased from There was a problem with the first set of IP but they replaced it with a good one.

s4nt0s, you mean with that 10-private proxies, I can do posting as much as 20K in a week? I'm just kinda hesitant, that it would make the 10-IP die quickly. This is my first time using private proxies, that's why I'm a bit careful about it. Smile

RE: Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox - s4nt0s - 03-13-2011

Start testing them out a bit ... if you have problems lower the posting thread count and have proxies rotate for every post. If you're worried about it you can always mix scrapebox proxies with the private proxies. Let me know how they work for you. =)

RE: Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox - alex - 03-13-2011

With 10-private proxies, can make 10threads with it?
How many threads are recommended for 10-proxies?

The mixing of private and public proxies is good, that's a nice idea Smile

RE: Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox - s4nt0s - 03-14-2011

Yes 10 threads is pretty low so do whatever is comfortable for you. If you feel like Scrapebox is taking too much time to complete the tasks, go ahead and up the thread count. If you notice proxies are burning out fast, lower the thread count. Everyone has different setting depending on their connection, proxies, etc, it's just a matter of playing with Scrapebox until you get it right.

RE: Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox - alex - 03-14-2011

Thanks you s4nt0s for your replies. This solves my question about private proxies and I got it, already Smile

This can be closed now and be marked as SOLVED.

RE: Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox - s4nt0s - 03-15-2011

Glad I could help Alex, if you have any more questions let me know.