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Mystery of "Error 401 fetching" - Pascalito - 02-18-2015

I don't know why "Error 401 fetching" still unsolved! I have been asking couple times mozscape people, and they said we have nothing to do with this kind error and they recommended by contacting SB's tech support to find a solution.
So, here I 'be paid for software which has not support for error! So, do I should forget about SB?

RE: Mystery of "Error 401 fetching" - loopline - 02-18-2015

401 is returned by moz servers. It can happen for a few reasons.

First make sure that your pc is in sync with a world time server, windows includes several. If it is out of sync then moz will kick back an error.

If your proxy IP or your IP is blocked they may kick back a 401 error, so try it with a different proxy or without a proxy etc...

If your moz account is banned it can do that, so try creating a new moz account.

RE: Mystery of "Error 401 fetching" - Pascalito - 02-19-2015

Is the moz only option we have for Backlink on SB? If not, what other option I have?

RE: Mystery of "Error 401 fetching" - loopline - 02-20-2015

I cover the options in this video, its not the only option: