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Blogs posting issue - Pascalito - 02-28-2015

After collecting about 1000 urls and removing duplicates , I start to poster but only gets about 140 successes!
I checked some of those blogs they are even without password or captcha but don't know why can not post on those blogs and get failed:

How can improve my posting on this urls?
This happens both with privet and public proxies.

RE: Blogs posting issue - loopline - 03-01-2015

In Scrapebox 2.0 your one is not a compatible form, even though its wordrpess.

The 2nd one, the one is a success for me.

RE: Blogs posting issue - Pascalito - 03-01-2015

Those was just couple examples?. Anyway how come I could not post it in second example but you did?

RE: Blogs posting issue - loopline - 03-01-2015

It was either due to a proxy failure on your end or a captcha solving failure on your end. Or perhaps the site was just down when you tried, it depends on what error you got.