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Quick url-insert on CheckLinks tool - nativebuddy - 07-22-2015

Please add a Quick url-insert on CheckLinks tool. So users don't have to go to all the hassle of creating a .txt file, pasting the urls from the blogs they want to check for their moneysite url.

I'm suggesting this because it cannot be that difficult to accomplish (resources = your time), and it will be extremely helpful when we only want to check 5 or 10 backlinks for our url.

Let's vote and see if the community agrees.

By the way, I just realized you can import from clipboard to the HARVESTER and then do List-> Transfer.
The feature is not required that much anymore.


RE: Quick url-insert on CheckLinks tool - loopline - 07-22-2015

This feature is already there and has been there for some time, just like the other feature you requested is already there. Just click on the E button next to the one you want to import and paste them and hit the giant save back to X button.

Or you can do it the way you noted above.