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Check Links Error 500 - Andre2812 - 12-30-2015

I am sorry if this has been asked elsewhere. I did look and couldn't find anything Sad

When trying to Check Links I get an immediate Error 500

I have tried with and without proxies (ticked and un-ticked).

Can anyone please point me in the right direction to fix this?

RE: Check Links Error 500 - loopline - 01-02-2016

500 is a server error. An immediate 500 would seem like the server is just kicking back a 500 header request or that something is blocking the requests. So if this is all for 1 domain or a few check them in a browser, do they work?

Is they work or if this is for many domains then you should whitelist scrapebox in all security software and in your router. You could try bypassing the router as a test and/or connect it directly to another network like a mobile dongle etc..

RE: Check Links Error 500 - Andre2812 - 01-02-2016

I will give that a try, thanks loopline.