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Failed, captcha - jrsmith - 05-25-2011

Hello all

I recently bought SB and built a dedicated pc.

I use proxies to quiery google and the other search engines, but I dont bother for when I am posting.

My question is sometimes my decaptcher works, sometimes it doesn't..

If you login to your decapther account you can see the pictures and dates and times of your most recent pictures. But for some reason sometimes scrapebox seems unable to interact with decaptcher.

I get lots of Failed, captcha results.

I use the same accounts for se nuke x so I know they work ok most of the time.

Would it be a good idea for SB to visit a known page (on the SB server it self) at the start of each run, and make sure the chosen captcha server is working ok?

RE: Failed, captcha - rustyfelix - 11-09-2011

The problem is with the proxies, while using some proxies the captcha code is not displayed, change the proxy and then give it a try.

RE: Failed, captcha - aquariusmediaa - 02-17-2012

you have to use Proxie...

RE: Failed, captcha - wwjin99 - 10-22-2013

hello i think you are use proxy don't use proxies