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AVOID Solid SEO-VPS, WORST customer service ever! - Newbie929 - 02-17-2017

A couple of users had suggested buying SolidSEOVPS, and said that they have "excellent customer service"? They have the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. To anyone reading this? DO NOT EVER USE SolidSEOVPS's service, EVER.

I tried buying the VPS and and Private Proxies and first ordered with my father's credit card. I got the "Fraud Error" message so I emailed them and they said to use my own credit card. So then I did that and got the same "Fraud" error. I emailed them again and asked them what is going on? They said try to pay with PayPal. So I tried that and got the same error message for a third time and then customer service replied to me that "We cannot accept your order as we don't think you are legit". I answered back along the lines "What the hell is wrong with you people? You can't even create a functional online payment system and you expect me to want to use your crappy VPS/proxies service? You guys are the ones who are not legit". By the way, the name of the customer service agent is Sam Marshan. He is extremely rude and an embarassment to the company. I wonder if Solid SEO-VPS is aware of his rude behavior? Perhaps they should fire Sam Marshan before he turns off even more people from the company by his rude and hostile behavior.

Really, what a joke. I'm really surprised those guys suggested Solid SEO VPS as the best because they are literally the WORST service I have ever found. I am writing this message to warn others NOT to use their services because the customer service is not only NOT helpful, they are very rude and hostile. A real bunch of jerks. AVOID this company!