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How to scrape Bulk articles on one topic
The article scraper is the same as anything else in scrapebox, it uses raw sockets and threads. These are not controlled by scrapebox but are controlled by windows. So scrapebox asks windows to open them and must wait for windows to release them.

If something locks the thread, it must wait till its unlocked. When you press stop you are asking scrapebox to ask windows to release all the threads, however scrapebox can not stop until all the threads are released. If something locks a thread or windows locks a thread, then scrapebox must wait, potentially indefinitely, until the thread is released, its how it works.

Scrapebox can't control windows, so it must wait on windows. So teh issue is outside of scrapeboxes control. This would hold true of any scrapebox function and any program out there that uses these types of sockets/threads.

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