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Newbie With Keyword Question
Ok, just got SB 2 days ago and want to make it work well for me. Seen some videos but even with videos it seems everyone has a stpe they do different. So for this section here is my question..

If I leave the search box empty and choose custom footprint, and then below add the keywords

"test 1"
"test 2"

does it search for these keywords in the body of the blog, title, or somewhere else?

Basically to get the MOST from niche blogs (trying to post to the same niches as mine) is it best to custom it like above OR go for keywords in the title or domain?

Thank You
If you check, "custom footprint" but leave the footprint box empty and just type keywords in the keyword box, it will pull up all kinds of websites, articles, wiki's, etc. You will then have to run all the websites through the blog analyzer in the, "add-ons" menu in order to find out if scrapebox is capable of commenting on them. It will be just like typing the keyword into and hitting search ... you will end up with all kinds of results.

If you want to target b2evolution specifically you would check the, "custom footprint" button and for example type, "Powered by b2evolution". When you check the Wordpress, BlogEngine, Movable Type radio buttons, all it's doing is typing, "Powered by Wordpress" + keywords (in keyword box).

Scrapebox doesn't search for keywords in the <title> tags or url automatically. You will have to use a custom footprint for this.

For example, "powered by wordpress" will find .edu wordpress blogs

For finding blogs with keyword in the title tag you would use intitle:keyword
For finding blogs with keywords in the url you would use inurl:keyword

It always going to be better to try and find niche related blogs by using custom footprints. You really just have to play around with it and find the best footprints + keywords that work for you.

Good luck,

Thank you I clearly understand now!

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