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HELP with Local Scraping Footprints
Ok. I am new to this so don't kill me and I will call myself an ass first. Got that out of the way.

Here is what i am trying to do. I own a Local business.

I want to search Google only for "dentist Tampa"

so grab each domain say 300 results

then go into each of those domains and find the contact page

I think it is 2 steps, but I am lost. I really appreciate any help.

From what I've learned so far your footprint IS EVERYTHING. You want to get good at writing custom footprints. And trust me, footprints go on and on and on for days. A good one is like 1000 characters minimum.

That being said, for what you're looking for, try this:

"dentist" "tampa, florida"
"dental" "tampa, florida"
"dentistry" tampa, florida" "contact" "contact-us" "contact us"

Start with that and let us know what results you got!

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