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Using Scrapebox and Google Keyword Planner To Build a Massive List of Keywords
Using the new Google Keyword Planner its now possible to check the search volumes on thousands of keywords all at one.

In the following video you'll see how powerful Scrapbox's Keyword Scraper is and even more so when used alongside Keyword Planner.


Thanks for share such useful video.
I am neither a Scrapebox or Google KW Planner expert, so maybe I have missed something.

The video shows importing >3k keywords into the keyword planner. When I import I get the message that list must not exceed 800.

Has something changed since the video was created or do I need to do something different to what is shown in the video.

If neither of the above, is there a way preferably with scrapebox or with some other tool that I can search Google KW Planner for over 800 keywords, other than splitting my list into segments.

I have Longtail Pro and understand their Platimum monthly subscription will allow import of 10k keywords - but I do not do keyword research often enough to justify a subscription.

Thanks ColinK
Scrapebox can use the google suggest to give you back keywords, but its not part of google keyword planner and no part of scrapebox work with keyword planner.
Hi Ian

Great tutorials. Thanks for the clarification. Am I correct that the import limit is not 800?

Can anyone recommend any other (one time price / not subscription) tool which will interface with G Keyword Planner to process KW in blocks of 800 (if that is the current limit)?

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