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Scrapers gonna scrape. Fast rotating proxies at unbeatable price(limited spots)
Quote:So for the price of 30$/m you get access to thousands of proxies through our load balancing proxy gateway. 

The system works great for bing scraping and a few other of scrapebox se engines. you will find no errors in scraping bing allowing for great speeds even at low thread count.

I have been using this privately for over a year, but finally with the help of a linux guru set up a gateway server and are now ready to open up a few spots

works like a normal proxy only you get a new ip every request. works with any software that utilizes proxies

to begin with, only 5 spots will be available.

this picture says it all

[Image: 9URHACL.png]

5 day trial then 30$/month 30$ is a bargain for the scraping power you get compared to stormproxies or proxyrack

its ip authenticated so make sure you dont have a dynamic ip
and to keep it fair, keep it at 20 scraping threads as we are all sharing the pool

if you get redirected back to something unreated it means spots are taken
pay and pm me your email and ip so i can add it to the system

Image already added

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