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Activating license on AWS Lightsail server
I'm hoping someone can help me here because for two months I've been trying to activate my Scrapebox on a new AWS Lightsail server. And I've tried asking Support but we seem to have a communication problem because they keep telling me that I've already used my transfer for the month and that I have been using the software.

One, I transferred the license on May 8th when I set up the server. But I was not able to get SB to work. So, I launched SB again on like June 6th and since it wasn't active, I tried to activate the license again.

Now, SB support claims that that is a "transfer" request. But I didn't change the server, so how can I be transferring it? They say that I reimaged my server. I say... I don't even know how to do that.

Which is why I'm wondering if anyone here has gone through using Scrapebox with Amazon Lightsail? If so, how did you get it to work?

I haven't used lightsail. But if they are spinning a new server up each time for you, with a new image of windows or a new hard drive Id, then its not going to work. Scrapebox has lots of fraud detection and if lightsail is an on demand type of service that puts your file image on a different physical hard drive, its going to look like a new machine each time you spin it up and need a transfer.

You only get 1 transfer per month. If light sail is a regular vps where you launch it and it Stays Running non stop all the time on the same machine, even if there is a restart, then it should be fine. But sounds like maybe you just need a regular good old fashioned vps.
OK. I get your thinking and that would have been helpful to explain over the past two months that I've sent detailed videos and emails to Scrapebox Support.

Now, I'm not sure how to check whether Light Sail "spins" a new server every time I start it. It seems that if that's the case then wouldn't the IP Address change each time as well? Because the IP address, as I showed in all of the emails, has not changed in two months.
Anything is possible. I mean does the server stay running 24/7/365 like a regular vps/dedicated or is it more of an on demand server?

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