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Using ScrapeBox to promote ios/android app
Just wondering whether it's possible to use ScrapeBox to promote smart phone apps (ios & android).

If so what's the the best way to get more downloads for free apps. What other things besides ScrapeBox and proxies do I need and rough costs of those components.

Thanks in advance.
I mean you could, but that depends. You could bomb comments and contact forms and hope that people download it, although I suspect it would work but response rates would be small.

Depends on how much downloads your looking for.

You could be creative in scraping up guest post opportunities where you can post.

But I can't really think of any specific scrapebox applications that would help with this. I mean you could probably use it 37 different ways, but really that works by you saying "This is how I am getting downloads now manually, can scrapebox help me automate it?"

then someone can say, sure do X and Y and Z. But Ive never worked with app downloads so I can't really say the best method in general.

Just think of scrapebox as an automation tool, not a strategy. So you need the strategy, then you use scrapebox to help you automate it.

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