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Need help with rank tracker

I'm new to proxies, and I have 10 semi-private I'm using with rank tracker. I'm very confused as to how to set up rank tracker. My first go around, rank tracker report showed the site I'm checking not ranking for any of the keywords under the us (us proxies), but I know for a fact that many of them do rank. I added another keyword that I'm ranking in the top 3 in the us, tried to run a check for that one keyword only, and nothing shows up in the URL list afterwards. I only ran this once so I wouldn't think I got my proxies banned the first go around lol, but who knows...

I had it set to 10 connections, with a 5 second delay. Stop at 20 (because I only want to know if the urls rank in the top 20 or not...i think thats what that setting does?), then I un-checked 100 results from google settings because I'm only checking 20? IDK if thats correct or not? 

Anyway, I asked my proxy provider and they told me set it to 2 connections with no delay..... is that good advice? What am I doing wrong? The normal export that shows your ranks and changes was entirely blank, while the keywords and url's list was complete, but missing my domain lol.


Thank you in advance for the assistance!

This video helped, my understanding of the "check up to" was incorrect. I still do not understand what the Google 100 results setting is in relation to a rankings check.

I'm also still not sure exactly how to set up my proxies for this. I guess for now I'll go with the settings suggested by my provider.

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