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Rank Tracker: How to export rank & ranking page only

I'm using scrapebox rank tracker because my other rank tracker doesn't work. Although I've gotten SB rank tracker to work, I can't get the export to do what I want, which is something I thought was standard, and honestly I'm supprised that SB-RT can't do. I need it to export the keyword | date | my page rank | my ranking page, but instead it's exporting keyword | date | all the pages who rank. This makes it impossible for me to merge this data into my other spreadsheet. Sure I can filter by "contains" my domain names, but what if the domain doesn't rank at all, then that keyword would be skipped and I wouldn't be able to match it to the keyword list on my other spreadsheet.

Is there a way to set rank tracker to 1.) only export results for your own url, & 2.) state that a keyword is "not ranking in the top ____"?

The normal export to excel option seems like the correct format for this, but it's missing the ranking page. Also it's always blank while the other reports seem to work, but contain all your competitors...

Thank you!

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