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Backlink Checker Bug
Hi everyone,

Whenever I try to Save urls with backlinks on the Backlink Checker, SB crashes and I have the following issue :

Access violation at address 012AE7D7 , accessing address 00000000.

I'm using SB on macOS High Sierra, with 10 private proxies and a free Mozscape account. 

Can you help me?
Are you wanting to export the count of the files?

Because the actual backlinks are auto saved, just the count is what you export. I never even export that, but maybe you want it.

If you just are wanting the actual backlinks

Just open finder and choose to search all files, this mac

Then search for

backlink checker

Then in the backlink checker folder there is a session data folder. You will find your files all saved in there.

Else you will have to contact support to get this resolved. and use the contact form.
Thanks, I contacted the support and they're trying to help me now.

The backlink checker works perfectly if I don’t tick "Save url with backlink".

When I contacted the support I didn’t knew the results were saved in the Session Data folder. In fact, I thought "Save url with backlink" was to save the website’s urls where the backlinks are, but I guess it is meant to save the url of the backlink (for ex.

Still, SB crashes every time I tick "Save url with backlink". SB creates the .xlsx file in Session Data but I can’t open it because it’s corrupted.
sounds good.

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