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[Image: 86VcP4f.gif]

Dear users of this forum, we are pleased to present our service PROXYS.IO!

But what is PROXYS.IO?

High anonymity and efficiency provided proxies by our service;
Wide choise of countries: Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Kazakhstan, USA, China, Brazil;
Automatic delivery of proxies;
IP authorization. In your account you can manage IP authorization of purchased proxy, it's convenient and safely!
High-quality skilled technical support 24/7 via mail, system of tickets or online chat;
Affiliate program 20%;
24 hours moneyback is guaranteed;
Test our proxies (for 24 hours) for new clients is free;

Individual IPv4 proxies (Russia) from 90 rubles for 1 month per item
Individual IPv6 proxies (Russia|USA) from 10 rubles for 1 month per item
Shared IPv4 proxies (Russia) from 50 rubles for 1 month per item
Dynamic proxies (Russia|USA) from 20 rubles for 1 month per item 
Foreign IPv4 proxies (Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Ukraine, France) from 100 rubles for 1 month per item
Premium proxies (Kazakhstan, Russia (residential), Poland (residential)) from 270 rubles for 1 month per item

For more information you can visit site of PROXYS.IO!

Answer to frequently asked question.

- Do you log requests through a proxy?
- No.

You can always ask your question using online-chat on our website PROXYS.IO.
And we remind that you can always ask absolutely any question using online-chat on our website PROXYS.IO Angel
What are premium proxies?

Premiums differ from ordinary proxies in that they are provider IP addresses from the same pool that the provider issues to its users. Also in the resident proxy fingerprint Passive OS Fingerprinting Windows. Thanks to these properties, your accounts will look more natural.

Premium proxies are ideal for sites that require high anonymity (FaceBook, for example).
What is dynamic IPv6 on our website?

The difference between the dynamic IPv6 proxy service and the usual individual IPv6 proxy is that within one month you can completely change the entire pool of addresses up to eight times, which can be done in your account at the click of a button. Thus, buying, for example, 100 proxies in fact you get 800 IPv6 proxies.

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