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Email Scraper Premium get´s "stuck"
Hi everybody,
When I "crawl loaded list" in the Email Scraper Premium Plugin, the crawl get´s stuck after a certain amount and does not continue.

Different Top Level Domains and up to Level 3. What could be the reason? 

Same with the Custom Crawler (in this case all the same Top Level Domain)
thanks !
Does it always stop around the same number of results? Its probably locked threads, and thats probably to do with security software or 3rd party software that is locking threads.

So fully whitelist in all security software and then also shut down any unneded programs. Note that I would whitelist both the entire scrapebox folder and the email scraper plugin.
No it works more or less: Work threads are going to 0 and it stops.
I´m afraid I don´t understand the concept of threads Sad
So does it complete the list and go to zero?

Threads is just connections.
can you give a screenshot perhaps?
(09-29-2018, 01:33 AM)loopline Wrote: can you give a screenshot perhaps?

In the attachment you can find a typical example. started with 10 threads and now it´s stuck.

security software is completely switched off

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Thanks. So what if you split the list into 4 parts and try it, does each part complete or does 1 part get stuck?

Basically its either something is locking a thread(s), which can be windows as well, or some content in the list is causing the email scraper to get stuck.

So if each part completes normally, then its not content, as it would get stuck the same every time. But if 1 part gets stuck, you can split that part down till you get to a small list and send it to support and they can sort it out and compensate. Some sites do funky things and sometimes they just have to build a work around.
I did a split up end every part get´s stuck
It sounds like something is locking threads then. I would make sure you whitelist in all anti-virus, malware checkers and firewalls and then also I would whitelist in your router, if thats an option. Further I would make sure you fully whitelist and not just disable them.

I would also try shutting down any non crucial programs, and then you can turn them back on 1 by 1 once it works to see if they have an effect.

Also I would give your windows a restart as sometimes windows can lock threads as well.

Lastly try disabling any real time scanning in security software as well.
It still get´s stuck. I tried different things:

20 threads
92809 pages 3546 emails

30 threads
92973 pages 4527 emails

50 threads
78091 pages 5166 emails

90 threads
67165 pages 3781 emails

90 threads (randomized URLs)
40118 pages 2643 email

Any change to figure out what I have to do ?

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