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Scrape Porn Links?
Search for the KW porn in the title on the forum but it seems no topic about it.

On a different forum I read a post from 2013 that someone used scrapebox the scrape porn links from any porn site using certain KW's.

I've been searching for the past hour on the internet but can't really find out how to do it.

Any of you experienced user can help me out?


I'm also interested in....
I assume you are the same person that posted on another popular black hat style forum? Smile I answered there, but here it is

I realize that may seem like solid details, but its actually still vauge.

I mean you would really need to give an example (I realize thats probably hard, given the rules here and the nature of what your doing). But the code on the actual site is going to determine the approach.

But I suppose from a generic standpoint you could:

1 - Build a custom scraper engine in scrapebox for the sites search results, if its compatible.

2 - use "keyword" - and then search google (probably the better and easier of the two).

Then take the results and just extract internal links using the link extractor. Then figure out what the video link structure looks like and remove urls not containing that structure and then load them into your other tool.

Or if you wind up with the urls of the videos, you could try the file grabber in scrapebox and choose to download all video types. That may or may not work. If the videos are protected, which I suspect they are, then scrapebox may not be able to download them.

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