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ScrapeBox dont activate my LICENSE!!!
I buy ScrapeBox for email. Pay money by paypal when i found what is software is shit i try to make money back, they say it impossible - use it, but they cancel my license and two month i cant activate software what i purchase - what THEY say - use it - you buy it.
this is not a deal for software seller!
Ive never known Scrapebox to scam anyone, they have been around just shy of a decade. If they took your license then its because you filed a chargeback and paypal took the money from them, which means you do not have a license.

Also the software is excellent, so either you do not know how to use it or you wanted to do something Scrapebox can't do. Its easily worth 5 times its price and the thousands of reviews and tens of thousands of users also say so. Even fortune 500 companies use Scrapebox.
No, paypal dont took money and ScrapeBox support say - we return your license - use your software. ok - it 1 time activate and no more....i change OS and cant activate my license more.
i have transaction ID and full information about payment, but i try 2 month (6 times) to activate it, wait 12 hours and they cancel it.
Want to answer from Support what this my license and why they dont activate my software.
every time i saw this message and all



block for time of chargeback:

paypal dont return money, ScrapeBox dont return License - Good solution i think, i cant open new disput and they can "steal" my money and dont give software to use. And no problems....
today i saw activation cancelation!!!
and i write alot of emails to support, ask on site support... just ignore - no answer no license. Just stealing of money
If you can't open a new dispute it means paypal still has your money. Your issue at this point is with paypal. I would double check and make sure they have not already refunded your money.

Ill check with support, but it sounds like paypal has your money.

At any rate Ill post back when I hear back from scrapebox support
Paypal say - in disput - they cant make moneyback for digital software, if i have license - i have product. They close dicput and all. My money gone. And after disput is close - support cancel my license - or simply ignore me.
I ask about activation - wait 12 hours - and no have result.
Thank you in advance for help. I dont know where to write more. In email and site support they ignore all what i write.
Support replied and you filed 2 chargebacks with paypal, one of which was an unauthorized access of your account. So paypal took the money from Scrapebox, so scrapebox has no funds in your name. Therefore you have no license.

Its as straight forward as that.

So Scrapebox does not have your money and you do not have a license. Now neither I nor Scrapebox can speak for paypal. So I can't see why paypal would have not given you back the money, but at this point you would need to speak with them to find out why they have kept your money.

But Scrapebox doesn't have your funds and you don't have a license and further they have blacklisted you due to the chargebacks, so you can not purchase another license.

From their standpoint you purchased the software, used it for what you wanted and filed a charge back just to get your money back after you were done with Scrapebox.
I make second chargeback 3 (27 of november) days ago when make this post
becaus they dont activate my license! They liers and stealers. If they normally activate my license early - they dont get second chargeback.
they dont answer on messages and want to say - that they is right good guys.
its not normally when support dont answer fo 17 days - get charback and say - we disable license because have second chargeback. they just want steal my money and when have troubles - say he is fault
Think about situation, 2 monthes they decline my license, my license dont work and early before chargeback. If i dont have Software - i want to return my money - is simple. Give back my money and i go away or give me to use software and take money without questions.
(11-30-2018, 12:29 AM)loopline Wrote: From their standpoint you purchased the software, used it for what you wanted and filed a charge back just to get your money back after you were done with Scrapebox.

About it - i say at start i buy ScrapeBox and he dont make work what i want from him, about this i write in support and in two days say them to make refund for me and cancel license - they dont do it, i make chargeback but support of paypal dont do money back. After this my license dont work no one day from July. They know it becaus they deactivate it when first claim was opened.
and 10 of July i buy ScrapeBox 
at 12 of July i want money back becaus i watch youtube videos, try solutions but no have results what i want. They dont do it.
at 25 of July they cancel my license and after disput was closed dont activate (money dont return to me, paypal dont agree claim)
and all - i cant use software but pay money. 
I make new disput, and open this thread - to turn back money or recover of license.
They dont go in contact, ignore me and dont do enything to resolve this problem.
The bottom line is that as of this moment, scrapebox has no funds and you have no license and you are blacklisted from purchasing from them again.

Scrapebox's point of view is that you purchased scrapebox, used it for what you wanted, then filed a charge back so you could circumvent the refund policy. Basically you stole it from them, so your out of luck.

Scrapebox doesn't have your money and they choose not to sell to you again, so thats all perfectly fine.

At this point your only complaint is with paypal, because they have your money or you already have it back and there is no complaint.

You can't get mad at a company for trying to do business when you try and steal from them. They reserve the right not to sell to you.

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