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ScrapeBox dont activate my LICENSE!!!
They dont give back my money you dont listen me. They took my money and cancel my license first - when i open disput - they say - we cancel license because you open disput i give you proofs.
its shit
and at this time in second disput - they dont want to give back my money too - they talk something about i have license and software like in description - you dont listend me. in the end of disput i give you full chat in paypal
you have email where i say about problems with scrapebox - its no work att all with functions what i need.
and i write them on second day to make money back normally like good guy
they dont accept it and get disput - its normally for this way
but they dont return money and deactivate license for two monthes and wake up when get second disput.
you just defend they position, but in result i share this trhead on alot of forums to make a look for responsibility of product
Look, they gave me proof that you filed a chargeback. Once that happens the money is taken from them and paypal has the money. Scrapebox has been around for a decade, has tens of thousands of users including fortune 500 companies. They are as reputable as it gets.

So your out of luck. According to them you tried to defraud them by buying, using scrapebox and then filing a chargeback so you could get your money back when you are done. Now scrapebox does not have your money, and I suspect paypal doesn't either. More then likely paypal has given it back to you and you are just carrying on.

But your blacklisted from buying again, and scrapebox doesn't have your funds. So either you have them or paypal has them, but no one on this forum nor scrapebox can help you at this point your complaint now lies with paypal.
#15 - this proof thats they have my money
what you can say for it? )))
full history
any more qustion?
they are stealers and steal my money and block my license....
As was stated before, scrapebox doesn't have your money. It actually seems like you are the one that is the scammer.
You are joking? I show you my payment history and result from Disput - they have my money all this time and all this time block my license.
Scrapebox showed me where the money was taken from them.

Scrapebox has been installed on over a million machines and has literally tens of thousands of users, even including fortune 500 companies.

Why would they single you out, and you be the 1 person they try and steal $67 from in 10 years time?

It makes no sense.
Taken from them by paypal for a time of disput - but they dont return it to me, you like 8 years old. They dont make refund, they dont lose money - they took it back when disput over, but not restore my license and i say about it from first message. They cancel license where i open disput but when disput over and they get money from paypal back - they dont recover my license and dont answer for me.
Let them show history for my transaction like my screenshot where we can see what money is returned or tooked from them.
They work about 10 years and think 1 guy cant share information what they is not fear company - but i can do it, i wait some more time to resolve this question and get MY money back if they dont recover my license, but after i will share this thread on alot of sites and forums to show to other people how work big compnie with alot of customers and 10 year experience - cant resolve fast 1 problem for 67$ half of year - its will be funny.
Company with millions of sales - ignore client and steal 67$ from him - like in Joke. Big Grin
How long are you going to go on about this?

Scrapebox doesn't have your money and your blacklisted from buying it again.

You will need to try and find some other program out there on the internet to accomplish your needs.

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