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How to use the rapid indexer tool
This is a new version of scrapebox (to me anyways) and I can't find much information from the old videos.

I need to find out where or how to find a rapid indexer list to use for scrapebox.

Ideally if I could use any list from scrapebox that would work great because I really have no idea on how to scrape one..

See short video below to see if I am missing a click somewhere..
Its in the addon description. So if you go to the addons menu, and then click on the rapid indexer and look below that at the description, there is a link.

But you can google for

Free scrapebox rapid indexer list

and find many. even if they are old much of them probably still work, and you can just filter out the ones that do not work.
kind of cheating here, but...  Its a direct link to someone who just shared exactly what your after and the method to do it

Thank you a million much... that list will help.

I would still be doing something wrong on the Scrapebox program.. I go to: Addons > Scrapebox Rapid Indexer > and I do right click and nothing happens, then I do left click and it opens the box to add info.. but for now that above link of indexers will help. thanks!
Im lost, what do you mean about right clicking, are you right clicking in the list of addons or after you load the addon?
The Rapid Indexer was already installed by the time I was looking for the list.

If you watch the video link above you'll see that it wasn't showing up, maybe because the link to the list was before I install the rapid indexer into scrapebox?

Anyway... I finished one round of indexing with the links you posted... Smile
Great, glad its working!

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