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Harvesting google - problem with delay
Hello everyone,

I want to harvest google. I had 2 private proxies. I put the delay in the harvester engine configuration to 60 seconds but it's not working.
In "connection timeout and others setting" , harvester connections is at 1.
The harvester do not wait between each query. So my proxies are burn.

Do not tell me to buy more proxies, I don't need them. I just want scrapebox to wait between each query.
I don't have this problem with rank tracker BTW

Do I miss something ?

I have the same problem !
BUMP !!!
The delay in the detailed harvester is between keywords, which seems to work fine.

If you want a delay between each and every page of the results for a keyword then you can go to settings >> harvester engine configuration - then click google and then there is a delay there. you can put it to what you want then update the engine.

Then use the detailed harvester.

Bear in mind this is how it works on windows.

If your on mac, then just do the settings >> harvester engine config - and do the delay there and set connections to 1 and use the harvester.
Alternatively I use these proxies to scrape google

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