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Rapid Indexer - Should I include ALL of my website pages?
Should I include all of my website pages for the rapid indexer?  Is it needed? Yes? No? Why?

If the answer is no, and there is a good why, then I am all done.

If not... 

I got the list of Indexer sites from Mr. Loopline... lots of addresses.  It's gonna take ALL day to do a single main address website. 

If I include 30 individual pages of the site so the same indexing link, its gonna take about a month to finish.

Is there a way to separate the errors/time outs from the completed status and maybe I can reduce this timing?  Is it even needed for all the other website pages?
Google is quite good at what they do, so you can put all your pages in rapid indexer but google is going to find them either way. Whether or not they think them worthy of indexing thats different and you probably want to build a few links to those pages to get them indexed.

So there isn't a right and wrong answer necessarily, but you can experiment and see.

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