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How to scrape for Facebook pixels installed on URLs?
I need to scrape a list of URLs and determine if they have a Facebook tracking pixel installed.

If the Facebook pixel is installed directly on the site I can use the Page Scanner to look at the source code for a footprint like "/fbevents.js" or "" to tell me if that the site has a Facebook pixel installed or not.

But if the site is using Google Tag Manager to install the Facebook pixel then the pixel tracking code is injected into the DOM, and it is not visible inside the source code.

How can I use scrape box another way to determine if a site has a Facebook Pixel installed (even when they're using Google Tag Manager)?

Maybe I can scrape for the Facebook cookie somehow?
Im not a super expert on DOM, but I think the answer is it can't be done, but Ill check and get back to you.


Support said

"I'm not aware of any pages running this to check, however if the code is added to the page dynamically after the page has load then no unfortunately ScrapeBox wouldn't be able to read the code injected after pageload unfortunately."

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