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Email scraper premium.
Could somebody help? Sad

I was trying to scrape web addresses from this page: 

https://www.paginasamarillas .com/  ( i moved the .com away from the website name)

Que busca? (What you look for?) :  zapatos
En donde? (where?):  Colombia

The results are 6405 companies in 321 pages.  If I can get the websites from those 321 pages in a single code that would be great, if not, I can copy the 321 web addresses and feed them to the scraper and get the websites from those pages. 

I am not able to scrape the web addresses from the results using the custom crawler in the premium email plug in.

If I hit Control U it will give me the html of the page.

Then I can look for a sample website that I want to find the html markers around that site.

Lets pick: masdotaciones .com as sample.  All other sites should have the same markers. 

Could anybody possibly tell me what am I doing wrong on why I am not getting any scrapers please??

The html codes around the sample webiste I found are 3 of them:


http://www.masdotaciones .com

2 and 3.
<div class="url">


onclick="return clickLinkIntegration(this,TipoClick.CLIC_WEB,'80029059','1277273',LOCALITY_ID,LOCALITY_TERM,CATEGORY_ID,Pagina.PAGE_RESULTADOS,'');"

href="h[url=]ttp://www.masdotaciones .com
" class="webLink"

title="Visita la p&aacute;gina web de Mas Dotaciones Y CIA. Ltda." target="_blank" rel="nofollow"

itemprop="url">http://www.masdotaciones .com </a>

can you give a link to one of the "321" pages that your trying to get websites from? Meaning the exact websites.

If you Only want websites and no other data, then just skip the email scraper plugin and use the link extractor addon and choose external and let it go.

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