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Rapid Indexer
I have just watched a video on Rapid Indexer and all good. Now this video was done in 2012, so in 2019 can I still use it in the same way? I think what I am really trying to ask is, can I use Rapid Indexer to notify as many sites as possible, or should I just post to a few at a time?
Yes it still works the same way. yes you can still use it for lots of sites at a time, but probably a few hundred really good ones is just as good as ten thousand that are just ok.
Thanks loopline.

Another question, should I use rapid indexer whenever I create a new post? If so, should I submit url or
Most rapid indexer sites only support the root domain, but there are some that support the internal page.

You could go thru your list and pull out the ones that support the internal pages and then use those when you do a new post.

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