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ScrapeBox for White Hat SEO tutorial
I dont know if u guys saw, but I've finally published my first ScrapeBox tutorial.

It is a little bit more about WH SEO but it may be interesting for u (really basic level).

Loopline - please let me know if u like it Wink
It looks good! You put a lot of work into it, I can see.

Your not a fan of manual work and excel? LOL Just kidding. Ive been that road before scrapebox, and Im not a fan either. Thats actually why scrapebox invented, the developer was doing everything manually and they made it as a personal tool to speed up the work. Then sold to a few friends to justify the work, then it went public and here we are. Smile
Thanks for share. great tutorial.
Great tutorial! I sometimes receive questions about Scrapebox from my subscribers. I will direct them to your site. Smile
Wow that tutorial is pretty extensive!

I'm a little lost as to why you would wish to export URLs to an xml file for RSS? I know I can use RSS for all sorts of fun things like auto-tweeting but how would it help with link research?

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