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[HOT] Social Signals from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest - NEW SEO -
[Image: header_forum_post.png]

We are serving our customers with backlinks since 2012.

Very fast delivery !!! (usually <1h)

We think most of you already know us. If you don't here we are!

NEW Social Signals for your Website

Social Signals are absolutely google safe! It will never ever raise a penalty on

your site.

[Image: social_signal_logo1.png]

The Social Signal Package contains Social Shares of your URL on all major Social Media sites like

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Delicious and StumbleUpon.
This means no useless likes, +1's or upvotes, it means real social signals. Your URL gets shared on

all Social Media sites. You will get the best from all Social Sites.

Why Do I Need Social Signals?

  • To increase your rankings Increase your profit Permant Backlinks from major Social Media Sites (Highest Trust / Highest Metric Domains) To justify your link building efforts Getting the latest SEO tools Grow your social media authority Attract new customer Gain traffic No google penalty risk.

Social Signals getting more and more important for a good google ranking. This is not a phrase we can proof it with analytic

Check out the new Ranking Factors 2015: (data by searchmetrics)
[Image: Social_Signals_ranking_factors.png]

As you can see it is really really important for you to grow your Social Media presence and achieve top notch rankings.

Social Signals are just what you need to rise to the top! can help you to gain first page rankings without risking a penalty.

First you can check how much Social Signals you have and we suggest you the best package:

[Image: check_social_signals_sales_thread.png]

We offer 2 different package: Onetime Package or Monthly Subscriptions

You will get the same quality Social Signals. The difference is the way you pay.
You can choose between monthly recurring PayPal Subscriptions or you can use a package that is paid once and never billed

againg when the Social Signals are done.

Onetime Package

[Image: onetime_sales_thread.png]


Monthly Subscriptions

[Image: monthly_sales_thread.png]


Do you like to see some samples?
We serve you with a detailed report with daily statistics of your Social Media counts.
Here you can find an Example Report of

Social Signals service.


Become a free member and get up to 30% discount!

Your Member Benefits:

  • Up To 30% DISCOUNT Order Without Using PayPal Order Archive Order Status

[Image: blackhatlinks_members.jpg]

- Register now! - It's free! -


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
We can help you find the right package for your individual needs.

Payments accepted: PayPal
Contact details: Please use Contact Form at
Support languages: English, German
Refund policies: 100% money back guarantee if you do not get what you’ve ordered.

If you unsure of buying take a look at about 100


from different reputable forum members.

Social Signals FAQ

Social Signals FAQ

Q: Why choose us?
A: We are running for over 3 years now. By now we handled more than 50,000 Orders. No long term

contracts - You have full control.
Easily pay with PayPal. Order get started immediately. You get access to detailed reporting so you can easily track your

progress. Easy order process.
Q: Is this Social Signal Service safe (google penalties etc.)?
A: Yes, there is absolutely no chance of getting your website penalized. A google penalty for Social Signals does not

Q: Will Social Signals improve my rankings?
A: Yes, Social Signals will help to improve your rankings with all search engines. If you are running a backlinks

campaign you can use the Social Signals to justify your link building process.
Q: Do you send reports?
A: Yes, we send you a link to track your Social Signal. The Social Signal reporting include all URLs we build and a daily

refresh of your current Social Signal Count.
Q: How many sites can I submit?
A: You can add Social Signals to unlimited sites. Each package you order will concentrate on one URL.
Q: Can I stop or change Social Signals anytime?
A: Yes, please contact us.
Q: What sites are compatible to Social Signals?
A: You can use any site for Social Signals. Not matter if money site, Web 2.0, Private Blog Network (PBN), articles,

YouTube Videos, Bookmarks, Wikis etc.. You can use any URL.
Q: I have an adult/warez/illegal/pills/casino etc. website. Do you accept these sites?
A: Unfortunately not! It would go against the terms of most Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+,

Pinterest, LinkedIn, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc..To ensure quality Social Signals for all customers we deny any

offensive websites.
Q: What is drip feed?
A: Drip feed means that the Social Signals not created all at once but spread over time. If you order 300 Social Signals

with 30 days drip feed we create 10 Social Signals a day instead of 300 in one day.
Q: How much time do you need to start the order after purchase?
A: We immediately start your order at the same day.
Q: Do you offer discounts for bulk customers?
A: Yes, you can get up to 30% discount. It depends on the size of credits you buy. You need to have a member account.

Register for free here
Q: Do I need to add Social Share Buttons to my website?
A: No, there is no need.
Q: Do you offer a Affiliate system?
A: Yes. We pay up to 40% on all sales you refer to Get more information here.
[Image: payment_options.png][Image: payment_options.png]

We Accept now PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer and Skrill !
You can top up your members credit balance with these services:

[Image: payment_options.png][Image: payment_options.png]

If you have any further questions feel free.

[Image: payment_options.png][Image: payment_options.png]
Custom Packages / Unlimited URLs / Adjustable Drip Feed

We are proud to announce the best Social Signals Service worldwide with special unique features only we can offer!

For example, you can use unlimited URLs and design your custom package that meets your personal needs by 100%.

We also offer all Social Media Sites: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddits, LinkedIn, Delicious, Stumbeupon.
[Image: QPQoKC7.png]

[Image: 54l4f6d.png]
[Image: 9Q0YPX7.png]
[Image: gOqJTyf.png]
New Website Design launched !

Come over and have a look at our new stunning DESIGN !

[Image: YUqd2zT.png]
Take a look at our stunning reviews !
Hear what other SEO Marketers say about our service

[Image: y4btAcd.png]
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Are you ready to get to the top of Google's SERP?
Meet the safest, and most powerful Private Blog Network in the SEO industry today!
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