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Issues with Scrapebox Page Authority 64-bit addon
Anyone else having issues with this plugin? Cannot get results after several days thinking MOZ has changed their API.

Addon will start scan and deliver back External link values all as zeros however the addon returns no values for page authority, domain authority or mozrank.

Not using proxies, have a free moz api account but this hasn't been an issue in the past.

Moz installed incapsula. Its a firewall that is basically blocking legitimate requests from lots of users and lots of tools.

You can mail moz about being blocked and ask them to whitelist you. If you so happen to get the right person on support they will whitelist you, but if you get the wrong person they will give you a copy and paste response saying that they don't whitelist people and blaming whatever tool you tell them you use as being the issue.

If you tell them you use scrapebox they will say its because of scrapebox not coinciding with their TOU. If you tell them your using netpeak, which is completely inside their TOU they will give you some other reason.

I can't blame them, they are trying to make a buck and no doubt after PR was shut down they have gotten a huge influx of free use. They already lowered their max requests from 1 million per month to 25K.

Generally their support seems to prefer to "pass the buck" rather then "fix the problem". In their defense the people answering the support tickets probably don't have the ability to actually fix the long term problem, its below their pay grade.

But its a game of cat and mouse, you might get whitelisted you might not. Random requests dont get thru the firewall while a byte for byte duplicate of the same request can randomly get thru. They have done multiple rounds of this, this is the 3rd round and I think has lasted the longest or nearly. Perhaps they have manually filtered out enough good traffic they feel they can just offer a free service and arbitrarily ban most of the traffic they get from it. Hard to say for sure where they still stop or what the end game is.

Right now though they are blocking all sorts of tools and web tool and even if you make a request from something like firefox, using their API, they typically just block it.

They also often say they created a php script and tested your api and all is fine, but no doubt they are testing it from a ip that is already whitelisted which makes it a mute point.
Hey loopline,

As always, thanks for the detailed response.

I wonder if we should starting planning to use a different way to better understand and qualify the strength of a given page or domain. I've noticed some tools switching to Majestic, but I historically I haven't used it nearly as much as Moz. Anyway, we'll see how things turn out. Take care.
Your welcome. Sounds good. Yes Im not sure, in time it will work out, but we are at one of those "points" where its sort of up in the air I think.
It's a real shame, the page authority addon was incredibly useful. I'm not aware of another way of checking the authority of a long list of domains.

I use it to check the backlink profiles of clients to look for backlinks that might be damaging their rankings. If a backlink has exceptionally low authority I do some more digging to find out if the link is either from a bad PBN or the result of negative SEO.

Bearing in mind my end goal when using the authority checker is there another way Scrapebox could help me check the 'spam health' of a domain's backlinks?
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Agreed. I'd also like to know the answer to this question... if there is one.
Short of digging in google etc.. there is no point and click solution and its probably easier to dig in google in a browser then in Scrapebox.

There are some group buy options out there for moz and majestic accounts etc.. for ~$20

So that might work fine. Depends on the volume you need. Majestic has a $50 account if you buy 3 months at once.
I've googled and found a whole ton of bulk checkers none of them come close to the scrapebox solution, and of course, now that the API has changed none of them work!

At this rate I'm going to have to manually load each site and (using the Moz toolbar) make a note of the DA and PA for each!

Even if I dig deep and buy a Moz subscription I'm not sure that would give me the ability to bulk search.
Did you try the update to the page authority addon? Its working fine for me. They changed how it works and it seems to be handling the moz incapsula issue.
(06-27-2016, 11:11 PM)loopline Wrote: Did you try the update to the page authority addon? Its working fine for me. They changed how it works and it seems to be handling the moz incapsula issue.

Oh happy days! I am VERY pleased!

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