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████████ BLACK FRIDAY █ to █ SUNDAY - Scrapebox Forum SPECIAL OFFERS ████████████████
[Image: Try-A-Million-BLACK-FRIDAY-to-SUNDAY-Special-Offers.png]

BLACK Friday is here and at the Try A Million company, we wanted to bring you insane offers during this period. Not only is there a Black Friday at Try A Million but runs all the way to Sunday!

Most of you know since 2011 we have been producing content and offering SEO services wholesale to SEO companies, and Internet Marketers just like you.

This year, you can expect some amazing offers and we look forward to bring them to you.

Stay tuned here for updates. Offers will only be available for a short period of time, only few hours each, so be sure to stay in the forums and watching this thread so that you can grab a bargain!

Offers will be available on the Try A Million wholesale portal and details of offers will be added on the ScrapeBox Forums.


Reserved for FAQ's


Reserved for any FAQ's
We are in the process of adding the first offer: Enter to win a free 450-500 Word Standard Article. Stay tuned…
We have put up the first competition to win a free Try A Million Article Masters TM STANDARD Article with 450-500 words, SEO Optimized to 3 of your main keywords.

RRP: $24
Wholesale: $4.50
Your Offer: Free if you win! Enter for your chance to win!

Simply enter your name and email address for a chance to win!

You will see the Black Friday to Sunday offers now on the home page, and the current offer showing live is the current offer. This only has about 8 hours left, so be sure to enter!

Enter at:

Note, due to Article Master ethics at Try A Million, we don't write about any topic that relates to diseases or conditions or is detrimental to humanity. Everything else we write about. All articles are original and authentic Article Masters articles.
New offer coming up in the next few hours.

Offer 2 is now live!

In this offer, you get 1 blog post each week for a whole year! Total 52 High Quality Blog posts posted to your wordpress blog, written by our Article Masters. 1,000 words at least each blog post optimized to 3 of your keywords and includes LSI keywords which we research for you! Sample available on the offer page. Each post includes 1 to 3 niche related images that you are free to use on your blog. All articles English only. If you want to get other languages, there is a premium price for foreign writers plus verification. If you looking to buy content in another language, make your purchase and then speak to your Project Co-Ordinator when they make contact if there is any extra fees for that language.

RRP: $2,860 ($55 each)
Wholesale: $1,349.50 ($25.95 each)
Offer Price Now Only: $519.48 ($9.99 each)

About 3 hours left for this offer to close.

Next offer appearing in the next few hours. Stay tuned!
Offer 3 is now live. Win a free 1,000 word blog article!

Go to to enter! No purchase necessary!

Did you know the last competition only 1 person entered, effectively making themselves a winner! Be sure to enter. You would be mad not too...
I am pleased to announce the competition winners for the competitions recently.

Amar - won a 450-500 Word STANDARD Article
Ada - won a 1,000 Word Blog Article

Congratulations to you both. If you have not done so already, please make sure to reply to the email with details so we can get started on your content.

I have to point out that only a few people applied making it easy to win. If you ever read those information sheets on how no one enters competitions, it stands true. Good job for entering everyone.

I have to also certify based on rules for holding competitions in the UK and US that no employee has entered into the competition. No cash alternatives exist for prizes and entry was free.

If any of the winners are a ScrapeBox Forums member, give a reply.

Smile Create a great day everyone and have a Merry Christmas Smile

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