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Hello everyone.

As you possibly noticed, we haven't posted any news for a while. Why? Answer is pretty simple. We working hard on creation of a panel. To make you interactions with our socks more comfortable.
You will be able to control you subscriptions, make pauses, change pools...Also we have few more surprices which, for sure, all of you would love.

Also for last year we are notice that for many people 1 hour, or even 3 hours of free testing is not enought. So we decide to make additional 24 hour test on paid basis.
IMPORTANT: it is not 1 day package. It is just 24 hour test. Will be given only 1 time to one hands.
We bet it will make easier for you to understand everything about rotations and list systems which make us different from other players on proxy market.

To get a test( doesn't matter if it free for 1 hour, or 24 hours test for money) contact our supports via those contact:
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: @SocksHub
Icq: 711758324

Thank you. Have a great day!
Hi everyone.
Havent posted anything for a while. That was caused by our hard work on expending variations of available packages. 
Currently we made several GEO packages, that might help you in your projects. 

Russia  1000 ports, 6000+   socks, 500 threads. 120$/wk, 400$/month.         

China   7000 ports, 20.000+ socks, 500 threads, 200$/wk, 700$/month           

Germany  180 ports, 500+    socks, 50  threads,  35$/wk, 120$/month           

Spain    500 ports, 1200+   socks, 100 threads,  60$/wk, 200$/month             

France   200 ports, 550+    socks  50  threads,  35$/wk, 120$/month

Canada   200 ports, 500+    socks, 70  threads,  40$/wk, 140$/month

England   80 ports, 200+    socks, 40  threads,  30$/wk, 100$/month

Italy    400 ports, 1200+   socks, 100 threads,  60$/wk, 200$/month

AU      100 ports, 250+    socks, 50  threads,  30$/wk, 100$/month

USA     1000 ports, 2-4000  socks, 500 threads, 150$/wk, 550$/month

Canada   200 ports, 500+    socks, 60  threads,  40$/wk  140$/month

Taiwan 1000 ports, 3000+   socks, 150 threads,  60$/wk, 200$/month 

We sure, some of you will find them pretty usefull for current projects. Its a cool tool for "target" requests. 
To get a free test or 24 hour test use this contacts: 

Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: @SocksHub
Icq: 711758324

Enjoy your day!
[Image: new%20header%20drk.png]

Hello  everyone.

We have a great news for you.

Over the year, we collected your feedback, and the most sensitive issue was the number of threads. Most of you felt uncomfortable paying for 500 threads,
when only 1 - 200 actually used.We have solved this problem very radically: we have created a new proxy rotation system.
How it works:
1) you get a static list of IP ports (1 to 5 IP ports)
2) You connect to the ports, and the proxy connects to you
3) After the reconnection, a new SOCKS is provided. (even if one IP port has 2 parallel connections, these connections will have different output
proxies), i.e. every time you connect, you get a new proxy.
This package supports up to 200 threads.It has a better price and a fairly convenient rotation system, which will allow many users to get a good pool 
of proxies with their budget. The pool contains about 35 - 40 thousand proxies.
In the near future, we are planning to launch several more similar pools.
The price is available in the main post of this topic. You can also contact our support and get a free 3 hours test.

[Image: news%20contact.png]

Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: @SocksHub
Icq: 711758324
QQ: 2323218446

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