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So I've not long purchased SB and I've been getting to know how this software works.

I bought this software because I saw a lot of people say how good it was and I got a good price on it. I've not really been able to find much info on how to use it properly post panda & penguin.

I've got a few MNS sites which I bought to learn SEO. I don't really have a whole lot of money to spend on buying articles (I'm useless at writing anything beyond my name) etc and I don't see much point either if my sites end up in the G sandbox if I mess up. Although I have one in a horrid niche I will be practicing on though.

What I was thinking was getting someone on fiverr to create a pyramid for me and then using SB for comments on tier 3. Is that a good/bad/do-able idea? Or are there any methods to use SB post panda & penguin that won't harm my site?

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