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Annoying error with Google image grabber

as always loving SB, but lately I cannot use the image grabber because everytime I try I get this error (see attachment)

I've downloaded the cef_binary_81.3.2 but it doesnt come with an installer and I can't find instructions anywhere on how to install it

thanks in advance for any help

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Try downloading the latest version manually so that you are running at least V or greater.

Then if it still does it, then shut down scrapebox.
Go into your scrapebox folder and there is a called ChromiumLibs

Delete that entire folder. Then restart scrapebox and it should redownload the Chromium Libraries. Perhaps something on your machine blocked it the first time or windows tried to use Chromium libs from another program.

Also along this line its a good idea to add an exception for the entire scrapebox folder in all security software.
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I installed a new version elsewhere on my Pc and it solved the issue (I was kind of worried to accidentally delete or overwrite some of my manually created searches, txt files and SB add-ons I had accumulated over the years because my original installation was already the latest version) , but first it asked me to download a library and then my AV (avast) flagged it as a potentially dangerous file. I added SB to the AV exceptions and then it worked. I imagine thats probably what caused the issue on the first place, though I did try to uninstall the image grabber plugin on my original SB installation and then install it again to see if it would ask me to automatically download the library that solved the problem in the new install, but it didn't ask and the same problem persisted, so I'm going to use that new installation just for this plugin, while I'll leave the original install for the scrapping. not ideal or very professional on my part but less risky or stressful

Many thanks loopline, as always very helpful
Glad you got it working! you can run multiple instances of scrapebox on the same machine so its fine.

I have different instances modified in different ways to do different things.
thanks again,

and since I have you here, is there any way to download more than 100 images per search? it used to download even til 1.000 per search, but now its limited to 100. I need to download a lot of images for articles and 100 images, which would seem more than enough, its actually not so for my case.
You can use the bing image grabber to get more keywords or use additional keywords with google.

Google changed the source that scrapebox scrapes from and limits it to max 100 results so there is no way to get more, thats 1 reason they built the bing image grabber addon.
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