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Available Premium Plugins not downloading.
You can try the options >> select preferred download server and try server 2.

But red lights mean something is blocking Scrapebox, which is why stuff wont' download for both of you.

So you can whitelist Scrapebox in all security software such as anti-virus, malware checkeres and firewalls. Also you can try closing down any unneeded programs. Bear in mind disabling security software only stops it from creating new rules, it won't stop existing rules from firing. So you can't just disable security software you need to whitelist scrapebox.

You can try bypassing your router or usign a mobile dongle etc... or whitelisting scrapebox in your router and try disabling your router firewall (disabling a hardware firewall actually disables it) and see if that helps as well.

At the end of the day something is blocking scrapebox from having full access to the internet and you need to find the offending program and whitelist scrapebox or uninstall the offending program.

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