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Backlink checker Addon Error
Hi everybody

I would like to know if someone can help me with the following error i get when i try to ran the Backlink Checker Addon. The message i get is "Unable to comunicate with scrapebox"

It´s the only addon that gives me an error. The other addons i have used so far don´t give me any error.

Can anybody let me know what could be the error

The addons and plugins communicate with scrapebox using whats called IPC (Inter Process Communication). It allows basic info to be transmitted as well as licensing data.

The first thing to do is to reinstall the addon if your getting the unable to communicate with scrapebox error message. If that does not work, then the reason that they are not able to communicate is because something is stopping them. This would be 3rd party software on your pc.

Generally its going to be an anti-virus or firewall, but it could also be a malware checker, sandbox style program, pc optimization programs or the like. So go into any security programs that you have and delete any existing rules regarding scrapebox and the addons/plugins. Then set scrapebox and the addon/plugin that your trying to use, as trusted/allowed in your security programs.
Hi again
I think i have done that already. Checked the antivirus and the firewall bur still the same.

Could you let me know where to find other potencial programs which can be the problem.

Thanks for your time
I mean you can try shutting down everything and then turn them back on 1 by 1 until you find the culprit. But I don't have a specific list.

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