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BHS Solutions SEO JAILBREAK VPS Loaded with Top SEO Software Prices Start $30
Spots open fellas. And a nice announcement.

This week We will be adding both GSA Ranker and a great new state of the art Proxy Scraper Solution. Additions will be put on all $50 and $70 packages.

Spinchimp Will aslo be added across all packages.

Thanks everyone for your continued support.
New slots open guys. Big waiting list so grab them quickly
New software launch rolling out on all plans. Spots open
BHSVPS is now happy to announce the rollout of or very own Decaptcher Sovling OCR. Combining all OCR from the most reliable Captcha Solving softwares into one. And built right into each users VPS. Giving all of our loyal customers savings now on Captcha Solving bills.
7 OCR in Total are being added to all servers over the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone for their business.
And as usual there is no additional cost for this service. Totally free, with thanks from us at BHSVPS.

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