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Can I match scraped results (URLs) with the respective keywords?
Hello to everyone.

While scraping Google SERP I came across a problem. When the process of scraping is done I receive only the list of scraped URLs. But how to match them with the keywords these URLs came from? 
I got around 40k keywords so I received 4,000,000 URLs. Do I now have to process them manually to match the urls with the keywords?
I have good news and not quite as good of news.

If you go to settings >> connections timeouts and other settings >> more harvester settings >> save additionally keywords with urls. Place a check mark in this box.

Then when you harvest you will have 2 lists automatically saved in the harvester_sessions folder (thats inside your main scrapebox folder). 1 file with just the list of urls. The other file with the urls with the keywords attached. Thats the good news.

The not quite as good of news is that if you didn't already have this box checked, then currently you have only a list of url. So you would need to rescrape that list of keywords to have them saved with the urls. But moving forward you would always have the urls and the keywords.

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