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Captcha Sniper $20 Discount - Best Captcha Solving Software
Captcha Sniper X2 has been released!

Here's whats new ...

Main CS Interface
'use captcha platfrom' is gone and is automatically detected. This means that you can now use apps such as GSA SER which support this feature at the same time as apps which have not yet integrated this feature. You will just need to select the captcha types for apps which do not yet support it.

Save Settings on Exit. This will save your settings between sessions.

Let CS try to solve unknown captchas - this feature will attempt to solve unknown captcha types and use the existing algorithm set when sizes match up. You will still have the ability to receive 'unknown' for types that do match sizes for existing algorithms. In addition a generic algorithm was introduced handle monochrome / black and white captchas.

Fixed bug with - Input past end of file

Installer now installs VC++ runtimes
Installer now sets the correct compatability and permissions
Installer makes a backup of your existing database in the backup folder
Installer now prompts to launch CS after install

New Hardcoded Captchas
New Wordpress Captcha
ClipShare - Same algo as ArticleMS .. just a different size

Captcha Platform Mappings
These are existing algorithms that did not have the captcha platform mapped yet:

Baistu Guestbook to new wordpress captcha + user defined
PHP Fusion to new wordpress captcha + user defined

Captcha Destruction Kit
Character Set - is now a text box that you can free-form edit how you like. So you are not limited to the entire set of Upper Case, Lower Case, Numeric and Symbols. Narrowing down the character set will greatly improve your success rates.

Use Sample Answers - this allows you to specifically define a set of possible characters based on the correct answers you have entered.

Enter your own ImageMagick Command - this allows you to go beyond the built in ImageMagick commands: ImageMagick: Command-line Tools: Convert
the format is: -[command] [argument]
-blur 0x1

Fixed bug when importing databases (where the same # was used)

New/Updated CDK Captchas
Article Friendly
updated to new algo by Giorgsky
Additional link bid script
Additional mename
Additional maxibook
New AkoBook
New vShare
New General Blogs (2)
New PHPBookmark

To install:
Download the new version here: Thanks for your order! | Captcha Sniper - De Captcha Solving Software. Delete everything except for the .lic and .mdb file and reinstall in the same folder
Captcha Sniper X4.2 released!!!!

Happy belated birthday to Captcha Sniper!

CS has been on the market for more than two years and has revolutionized the captcha solving industry. While there have been a couple of knock-offs and me-too products appear along the way, CS remains the marketshare leader and is still the most powerful captcha solver on the market.

I am excited to bring this new version to you which is packed with new captcha types, new image filters, bug fixes and much more. I look forward to many more incredible new features already in the works for the next version.


added: more than 100 new captcha types
added: new filters image processing filters: add border, bw nearest neighbor
added: spamvilla integration (other failovers will be added shortly)

update: updated some algorithms ~ higher success rates
update: entering answers easier ~ prefills with the OCR answer
update: additonal speed improvements ~ 5-10% across the board ... 100% in some cases
update: improvements in the captcha type detection engine

fixed: despeckle filter caused possible hanging
fixed: changing port in the setup screen ~ much easier
fixed: check for updates
fixed: some 64 bit systems return a different hash

To upgrade:
1. Download Captcha Sniper here:
2. Run the setup and [SIZE=6]INSTALL INTO A NEW FOLDER (otherwise it wont work!)[/SIZE]
3. Copy the .lic file from your previous install folder to the new folder.


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