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Cheap Proxies For Scrapebox
Basic rule of thumb is;
More threads = more proxies
Less threads = less proxies

Can you give some numbers? I know more threads equals more proxies or vice versa. Share your experience, that would be useful. This is my first time to use private proxies, so giving some numbers will be more helpful to than giving a general answer Smile

What about my 10-Private Proxies, how many threads can it run without being exhausted?
Well that is my xp using proxies. I use SB and Sick Submitter but I only really use SB for harvesting and Sick for posting to various platforms including blogs, forums, link directories, article directories and other weird platforms. (statusnet, foreign sites) all good for link diversity. But I only really use proxies for harvesting and when using a packet I've used before.

As for 10 private proxies. It depends on what you plan to do. If you're posting to harvested blogs with SB then 10 private proxies should be enough even with your threads maxed right up. However you can also add some public proxies in with them as well to mix them up a bit.
Try the special offer for proxies here:
I already bought the 10-IP package Smile
yes, I might try the same thing good question Alex
Start testing them out a bit ... if you have problems lower the posting thread count and have proxies rotate for every post. If you're worried about it you can always mix scrapebox proxies with the private proxies. Let me know how they work for you. =)
Glad I could help Alex, if you have any more questions let me know.
Thanks you !!
Squid proxies always shows IP banned even if my proxies are dedicated, so I migrated to http://buyproxies.org
They are cheaper and faster.

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