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Confused..... Activation Process/Windows Server

Hoping someone can help me. I have confused myself and SB support!? EeeK!

ScrapeBox was purchased by my partner (for me) back in 2014 and I normally keep the program updated on "Laptop". The other day I started to use SB heavily again after latest update ( With No issues.

The SB program always displayed the license details as (Registered in "My Partners Name") not mine, although it never bothered me. ScrapeBox always worked fine on my laptop, although slowing it down a little. The other day I researched that you could install SB on a Windows Server to save resources on your home computer. So I though I`d try it!

So....I now have a "Windows Server".

Here Is What I Done.

I (rightly/wrongly) downloaded a fresh version of ScrapeBox ( from website & unzipped the SB file on my new windows server.

During my new "Server" ScrapeBox install/set-up I was asked to enter SB activation details...... As it was nearly 2 years ago I saw this screen I quickly entered my "own name" & "not" original license owner, my partner`s name. I definitely entered my partners original PayPal email address & correct PP I.D though.

Please can you confirm the following?

By entering "my name" in SB License Activation (windows server set-up) have I accidentally transferred license from my partners name..... To my name (which i`d like)?

Or should I "always" use original owner (wife`s/partner`s) name etc during "any" SB activation process???

Hope you can help. Im a little confused and currently waiting for 12 hour confirmation.

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