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Expired domain finder
hi is here a way to find expired  domain finder from specific topics? 

Example would llike to have a Expired Domain from the BBC but with the topic " SEO" ... Is that possible?
You can harvest a bunch of BBC urls that have SEO on them and then set the expired domain finder not to crawl down any levels. So it will check only the pages you load in.

Also there is some filters in the expired domain finder that you could try and use as well if your letting it crawl.
Oh yes i found it thanks! Just another question do i need the proxys for this tool ! I bought 10 already but in your video i saw that you dont use it... So please let me know. Can you give me a recommendation if i check 2-3 domains..?!
I don't use expired domain finder with proxies.

Meaning I never use proxies when searching for expired domains with the expired domain finder. So long as you set connections to like 2 or 3 then it should be fine and work pretty fast.
thank you is very cool your tool! But another small problem for me is to find in the filter section the right answer for me :-(

In which row i add the Word "SEO" i would like only show up sites with broken backlinks with the keyword "SEO"....
Ok, I apologize, I mis spoke. Also scrapebox is not my tool, Im just a user, I dont work for scrapebox.

So you can filter urls and domains themselves, but not with SEO in the actual expired domain finder.

So what you can do is just put all your keywords that have SEO with them and search google and get all the results. Then you can run all those results thru the expired domain finder and set it not to crawl but just do the urls you load in.

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