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Help with custom crawler
Hi everybody,
I´m trying to scrape german Amazon Sellers with the Custom Crawler.

I get the CEO Names and the VAT ID but not the company name and the email. 
Any body can help me?

One example URL:


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Any help here ? I´m going crazy
The data is there from what I can see so its either that your getting served up different html then everyone else, which is unlikley but technically possible.

Or its your definition file. If you want to post up your definition file I Can have a look.
Sorry, what´s the definition file ? Have you seen the screenshots ?
The definition file is if you go to your scrapebox folder \ configuration - and the file ends in .sbgrabbermodule

If you want to email me that file or attach it here, then its just easier then me trying to hand type out everything in your screenshots. Doing that is prone to error and takes a lot longer anyway.

loopline (at] scrapeboxmarketplace [dot) com
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Sorry but I can´t find anything called ".sbgrappermodule" :-(
(03-04-2018, 08:14 PM)Nosh Wrote: Sorry but I can´t find anything called  ".sbgrappermodule" :-(

yes thats completely my fault.  Thats for the standard basic custom data grabber. 

The advanced email scraper custom data grabber your using is in
Scrapebox\Plugins\Email Scraper Premium\Definitions

and its an .ini

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