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How to read the Yandex Metrics
Does anyone know how to read the Yandex Metrics? Its just the simple version in Scrapebox but I don't know how to read it, in the column it has this: TCY-U

Can anyone please tell me what this means?

Its related to yandex. So the best thing to do is google about the yandex metrics. Or just go to yandex and read about them.

They can be great if your in the yandex market or that area, but if not then its worth looking at the page authority addon or metrics checker as moz/majestic/ahrefs are more global with their metrics and may be more relevant for you.
Which one of those three would you say is the best, Loopline?
To be honest, in the past 6 months I have got the most questions about ahrefs and seen a lot of people talking about it. So thus I would say its the most popular.

I know Ive done tests and moz and majestic were super easy to game their metrics, but when someone isn't gaming them they could be good metrics as well. I certainly would put moz the least useful, but then they are also the only real free option.

So maybe use moz to weed out things and then run the rest in majestic or ahrefs.

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