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Meta Title and Description
The main keyword for one of my products has been changed so I will need to change the meta tag and description for these pages on my website. Will this affect my current rankings in search engines once the new ones are indexed?
Yes definitely your serp will be effected but do some off page seo with it you will get your position back.
Title and Meta tags are basically descriptive code, which is included in the
The first HTML document. Here is an example in the first section title and meta description tags.
The importance of <TITLE> title and Meta tags </ TITLE> <meta name="description" content=""Expert advice on how to optimize your Title and Meta Description tags">

The title tag, the highest level of the left side can be seen surfing in your web browser. All other information
The Festival is the only search engine visibility. In addition to the title and Meta description tags, Meta keyword tags, however, often use the title and Meta description tag is the most important when it comes to search engine optimization.
Of course it will have an effect to your site ranking But of course, It depends on how huge is the change.

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