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One successful comment out of 1800?
Hiya - I was messing with my first attempt at fast commenting on Wordpress.  I gathered about 1800 URLs of different domains (I removed duplicate domains ).  I set up the Comment Poster for fast comments.  I used fresh public proxies, set up my names, emails, a single test website, a nice spintaxed comment, and added my list of 1800 urls and started the Comment Poster.

It ran for a bit and, out of 1800, I got a "success" on 54.  Sure, that was low but I figured that since it was my first try and since I was using public proxies, that was probably a good number.

Out of curiosity, I manually looked at all 54 "success" comments.....and to my surprise, only one of them actually landed a comment.  The others were empty.

Is this typical?  Am i missing something?  I assumed that if it said I had 54 successful comments that I actually landed 54 comments Smile   Is this because 53 of my comments went into moderation or something entirely different? 

If I used private proxies (which I have but haven't yet used with Scrapebox), what kind of average numbers do you think I might see for successful comments?

Thanks so much!!
Yes public proxies lowered your initial success rate. However a successful post just means it was successfully submitted, and most likley went to moderation.

A copy and paste email I saved off from support about it:

Successful posting is often confused with live link rate. When a link is submitted, it just means it was successfully submitted. Most of the time it will then go to a moderator and must be approved before it goes live. Live links are when the link is publicly viewable on the end site by everyone including search engines. If you post and then check links, the only ones that are going to immediately show up is auto approve links.

If you are posting in a browser and seeing it show immediately, its just showing up based on your session. So the site shows it so that you can see it went thru and you don't keep posting the came comment over and over. However if you veiw the site from another machine or even in another browser on the same machine, the comment will not be visible because it really went to moderation and it was just showing up due to your session.

In general the auto approve links are a very small percentage of what shows successful, often times 99%+ of links submitted go to moderation, and 1% or less sometimes is what is auto approve. (This isn't a hard fast rule, but if your just scraping and posting, then its a loose idea of what to expect).

Here is a video by loopline that goes more into depth on it:

As well, here is a video that explains how to build an Auto Approve list, if that is what you are after:
Thanks much for this information. I appreciate it -- 1% is quite low, so yeah, I guess the next step in my education is the auto approve lists Smile

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