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SB Harvester freezing when Bing enabled
Scrapebox freezes when I am harvesting. If I click abort, google and yahoo stop but bing continues to show harvesting and never stops. I have to end process through task manager and then I lose all harvested urls and keywords. Anyone know of any suggestions? Maybe I have something configured wrong? It works fine when I just harvest from google and yahoo. This happens even with freshly scraped google approved proxies.
For some users when using bing in the multi threaded harvester, some of the threads become locked and that causes it to seem like it freezes. Essentially it will never end and you have to kill it via task manager.

The results are saved in real time in your harvester sessions folder, which is inside your scrapebox folder. So the results are not lost.

However bing has no issues with the custom harvester. In fact with the custom harvester you get over 20 engines, and you can train your own even, so its the way to go. So just use the custom harvester and you will be set.

Here is a video I did on the custom harvester:

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